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Distinct Abilities was founded by Jeroen to make prosthetic covers accessible in luxury materials. There are many 3D printed prosthetic covers available nowadays. While some have fantastic designs, they also have a certain similar expression by the materials and process used. In general life, we surround ourselves with nice looking and feeling materials like leather, wood, metals and textiles. The covers we offer are aiming to bridge prosthetic design and more traditional luxury goods.

We researched the process of crafting a luxury prosthetic cover in close collaboration with artisans and amputees. This inspired a new process to develop covers that have a high aesthetic quality and ease of use which have not been available before. And equally important: the making process has been refined in such a way that the covers aim to be widely affordable.

We believe that wearables for prosthesis should be able to have the same luxury qualities as other accessories we surround ourselves with in life. And also, we just like to make really cool stuff!

Prosthetic Greaves research

The Glasgow School of Art

Images below are from the research conducted with the Glasgow School of Art, in close collaboration with three amputees and three artisan companies:

The aim was to explore the use of traditional crafts and co-design with amputees to create highly personalised covers. More information at: