Frequently Asked Questions

The prices vary depending on the chosen material and finishing, starting at €300,-

For more details see page for each prosthetic cover design accessible from the menu header or the front page of the website.

The cover is designed to easily fit any prosthesis. First the rear cover is attached to the prosthesis using two straps that can be positioned at the preferred height.

Then the front cover can be put in place by making sure the pins on the front cover go into the holes in the rear cover.

See the menu ‘Size and fit’ for more information and pictures.

Standard models come in two widths: Medium and Wide.

Medium: 36 cm calf circumference (BK socket can be max. 30 cm circumference)

Wide: 42 cm calf circumference (BK socket can be max 37 cm circumference)

Each cover is done in your preferred length.

See the menu ‘Size and fit’ for more information and pictures.

Any questions, get in touch! We’re happy to help choose the right size


There are different ways to get to your personal size. 

Get in touch to discuss options.

We’re aiming to make the covers available for everyone and all types of amputation. BK-amputations can be more complex due to the required size and fit of the cover.

The cover is a thin shell, so the cover size needs to be larger than the size of your socket. See the menu ‘Size and fit’ for more information.

There are alternative options if your socket it larger than the maximum size that fits. Get in touch to discuss options.

Get in touch via the contact form on this website to let us know what you’re looking for, and we’ll help you choose as needed. Below are the basic steps:

  1. Choose the kind of cover you want: which material and finishing
  2. Choose a size: standard Small or Wide (see FAQ “How is the sizing done” for details), or your own personal size
  3. Measure the height you want the cover to be
  4. Choose a white or black rear cover, or in any RAL color

Each section in the ‘Prosthesis covers’ contains more details on the available materials. 

For most textiles and leathers it will be possible to send them to us to be applied on the cover.

Get in touch to discuss options.

The textile and leather covers use glues, and therefore it is recommended to use water, wash by hand and take care when washing.

DO NOT use a washing machine, heat or chemicals.

The metal and wood covers do not use these glues, but it is still recommended to wash carefully by hand.

No problem! It is recommended to order multiple fronts together with a rear, so we can make sure everything fits perfectly together.

For standard sizes it’s also possible to order other fronts at a later point.

For personal sizes front and rear can only be ordered together.

The price indication mentioned for each cover is for a front + rear, so in case of ordering multiple fronts with only 1 rear (or a front without a rear) it will be cheaper.

At this moment we can only make covers for prosthetic legs.

Hopefully we can extend to include arms in the future!

Get in touch if you have ideas.

Covers cannot be returned for a refund due to the fact that they are created with unique size and finish requested by you.

Should the cover break due to a manufacturing error, then of course the cover can be returned for repair!

Yes please!

We’re always up for new cool ideas, so please let us know and we’ll see how we can realise it!