Three cover types

Each prosthetic limb has their unique shape and alignment. With three types of mounting for the cover there is always a suitable choice for you.

Option 1: a front + rear cover, where the rear cover is strapped around the prosthesis, and the front cover attached to the rear.

Option 2: a front-only cover which straps to the prosthesis. This is the same front as options 1, except the rear cover.

Option 3: a full cover which pulls tight around the prosthesis, only leaving a small gap at the rear.

See below for more images of the different types. Some cover finishes work better on certain types than on others. Get in touch to discuss options.

Option 1: Front + rear

The prosthetic cover is mounted via two simple steps: first you mount the rear to the prosthesis at the preferred position. Second, you attach the front cover to the rear.  

This is most suitable for AK prostheses. Fitting it to a BK prosthesis depends on the exact shape, but most likely we can find a way to make it fit!

Option 2: Front-only

The shape of this cover is the same as for option 1. The difference is in the mounting system, such that it connects directly to the prosthesis. 

This is more suitable for BK prosthesis that are typically larger than the AK prostheses with a mechanical knee, which could cause problems fitting it inside a front+rear option.


Option 3: Full cover

The Full cover is similar to option 2, with the difference that the gap at the rear is pulled tight when mounting the cover. This gives a snug fit between the cover and your socket and lets the cover follow the diameter of your socket.

This type is only suitable for BK prostheses. Especially when you’re happy with the shape of your socket, this type makes sure the cover follows the original shape as much as possible.



Standard sizes

Two standard cover sizes are available: Medium and Wide. 

Medium size circumference

Calf: 38 cm

Ankle: 22 cm


Wide size circumference

Calf: 43 cm

Ankle: 27 cm



Length is always made to your personal wish! Also, the shape of the top can be adjusted to your wish, to have a sharp, round or flat top. 

Personal sizes or other preferences?

In principle any size or shape can be made, get in touch to discuss options!

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